Patrick Steele is currently working on a new CD "Shady Area On The Orb", which is scheduled to be released on his 60th birthday, March 26, 2012. He has several songs finished now, and several more in the works. Some of the song titles are "Carnivore" ( a tribute to the meat-eaters of the world)  "No Bones About It" ( A Zeppelin like song)  "Jaywalkin' "  (A Tom Petty like tune)  "Regrets" (beautiful ballad with a saxophone break) "Groove Tube" (wild rocker) and a R.E.M. tribute song "It Crawled From The South". Other songs that will be on the CD also include the rollicking "Train Hoppin' "  "Epitaph For A Young Man" (Stones like ballad) and several instrumental snippets. He has also recorded a tribute song to his new granddaughter (so to speak)  Hammie, a pot-bellied pig adopted by his song Brian and his lovely wife Mallory. "Pot Bellied Blues" is on the site now to listen to.
 Patrick will continue to write and record new songs (whether you like it or not)

 Current songs schedlued to be on the new CD  (The Final list)
 Groove Tube
 No Bones About It
 Epitaph For A Young Man
 Dust In The Field
 Train Hoppin'
 Soul Searchin'
 Vote For Me
 Forgive Me
 It Crawled From The South
 Pot Bellied Blues
 These Hazel Eyes
 The Butterfly Ef

 I have also created videos for "Carnivore" "It Crawled From The South" "Regrets" and "No Bones About It" in the video section